Farting in the Classroom (part 2)

November 9, 2009

My second edition goes way back to elementary school and discusses smelly farts on the train with no one to blame. Hey that rhymed. i know and thank you.

Any way here goes my stories…

The Fart Heard Round the Gym
The smallest little girl in my second grade class, while sitting on the gym floor, let one slip. She was randomly isolated any way so when it happened we all knew where to look. The sound echoed in the almost silent empty gym. This poor little girl was sitting there a brilliant red color. She retained the nickname stinky the rest of the year. Kids can be so cruel…. when you fart in class

Now let talk about smelly farts…

The Stink Container
I was headed to school on the River line one wonderful morning when a unknown assailant let a licky dog fart” go. It was a cold morning so the train was heated. It was during rush hour so the train was packed. The smell lingered and lingered with no one to make angry glares at. Accusing eyes searching over you to see if you could have been the one.

It is my opinion that you should have to take the rap for your smelly or loud farts in public. People want to make fun of you or be angry with you. We should not be denied that privilege. The privilege of not being the one who did it.


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